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Tech updates

New DataOn Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI

As of today, the new Operating System for Azure Stack HCI is available. Azure Stack HCI beschikbaarFrom now on, Azure Stack HCI is a standalone SKU and no longer part of Windows Server. The solution is delivered as an Azure Service and the new Operating System can be used on the well-known Validated Systems and the new Integrated Systems. These Integrated Systems are offered as complete solutions with extra services, such as Premium Deployment, 5 years of support from Microsoft and DataOn, and automatic updates.

The new DataOn models are: AZS-212 and AZS-216As DataOn's Premium Partner in Europe, XCES shares their responsibility for the Premium Deployment of and Support services for the new Integrated Systems.

Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI

DataOn is one of the first Microsoft-partners that offers Integrated Systems for the new Azure Stack HCI. These solutions include a complete and turn-key experience. DataON and XCES customers already were accutomed to this way of working. The Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI are designed to help businesses embrace hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as the best way to reduce costs, improve data center performance and availability, and simplify management.

Integrated System's total package:

  • Pre-installed Azure Stack HCI
  • Validated server nodes with Intel hardware and certified by Microsoft
  • HCI-cluster monitoring, management and hybrid cloud services via Microsoft Windows Admin Center combined with DataON MUST
  • Cluster-aware updating (CAU) via DataON MUST Pro voor Windows Admin Center
  • Several Azure Services, such as Azure Back-up, Azure Monitor and Azure Security Center
  • 5 years of support by DataOn and Microsoft
  • Ongoing tests and validation by DataOn and Microsoft
  • DataOn MUST and MUST Pro

DataOn MUST and MUST Pro

The second-generation MUST extension for Windows Admin Center offers real-time monitoring with alert services that eliminate the need for system administrators to continuously monitor their data centers themselves. A centralized dashboard that offers an overview of your complete Azure Stack HCI environment, improved disk mapping, and alert and call-home services are a couple of the valuable functionalities of this extension.

DataOn MUST Pro is a new Windows Admin Center extension that is included with DataOn Integrated Systems for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. Integration with Microsoft's cluster aware update allows for a simpler implementation and easier updates of Azure Stack HCI with minimal disruption to your hybrid cloud infrastructure. MUST Pro automatically compares your server nodes to Microsoft's latest quarterly validated server component image baseline. It ensures servers have the same OS version, drivers, firmware, BIOS and BMC. Additionally, it checks drivers, firmware for network cards, host bus adapters, SSD and HDD drives. This makes it possible to update your entire cluster with a click of a button. Cluster-aware updating helps to keep your system up-to-date and to secure against the latest server threats.

Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure solution. This Azure service allows Windows and Linux workloads to be implemented in a hybrid environment. Take advantage of Azure hybrid services, such as cloud-based monitoring, Site Recovery and VM back-ups. Also enjoy the central view of all your Azure Stack HCI deployments in the Azure portal. Microsoft's performance in the HCI market is very high. The 13.7M IOPS record has been achieved through Azure Stack HCI and Intel® Optane ™ DC persistent memory. This explains why more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies around the world use Azure Stack HCI. In addition, CRN Azure Stack HCI 2020 Tech Innovators Award in the category Data Center Infrastructure.

Azure Stack HCI's greatest features:

  • Simplified hybrid IT environment
  • Cost-reducing
  • Improved performance
  • Azure Services
  • Space-saving
  • On-premise workloads (latency and data sovereignty)
  • Affordable two-node solutions
  • Completely new product experience - free, easy updates without lags

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