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Azure Stack HCI, 2021’s game changer

Even though migrating to the cloud offers many possibilities, it’s not always possible. Organizations might be dealing with laws and regulations that require data to be stored locally. Or working with outdated systems that are simply not able to migrate to the cloud. In those cases, hybrid solutions, such as Microsoft Azure Stack HCI are the answer. It offers both the benefits of the cloud and the security of local storage. 

Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), which functions as a host for the virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and their storage in a hybrid, on-premises environment.

A couple of benefits of Azure Stack HCI:

  • Cost-reducing
  • Improved performance
  • Space-saving
  • On-premises workloads with the benefits of Azure services
  • Simplified hybrid IT environment

Azure Stack HCI’s four components

A Microsoft Azure Stcak HCI solution consists of four clear-cut components:

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI’s easy access to cloud management and security services make it possible to expand to Azure quickly and easily. This allows IT personnel to, through the built-in Azure integration, use infrastructure-management services and develop cloud skills. This solution is most definitely this year’s game changer when it comes to digital transformations.

Want to know more about Azure Stack HCI?

Together with partners DataON, Microsoft and Arrow, Xces will organize the 'Deepdive Microsoft Azure Stack HCI' webinar.

Find out what Microsoft Azure Stack HCI can do for your organization and sign up here.

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