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The era of Azure Stack HCI has arrived

In the world of IT, that mostly revolves around the cloud, it can be difficult to choose the right model. Often, only public cloud options are considered. But what if a full public cloud migration isn’t possible within your organization? 

Not every organization can or wants to migrate completely to the cloud. For these organizations, the right balance must be struck between on-premises infrastructures and modern hybrid-cloud solutions. Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is such a solution. DataON is a hybrid-cloud computing company, which focuses on delivering Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and cloud-based Microsoft Azure services. 

In a world where the sky is literally not even the limit, we want more options than just picking the ‘most suitable’ solution and then still struggling with the actual implementation. Those days are behind us, meaning that consistent, hybrid tools and experiences have never been more important. Enter: Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. Azure Stack HCI combines the stability and flexibility of on-premises virtualizations with powerful new hybrid possibilities.

Every pot…

Every organization has different needs. For a law firm, it may be paramount to keep all files ‘in-house’, while at the same time keeping up with developments in IT. Multinationals, however, want their IT environment to be available and operational 24/7, benefitting from all the cloud has to offer.

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI offers each organization a lid, which means the definite dawn of a new era. The era of customized hybrid cloud solutions.

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