With almost 20 years of experience, we know how to make the connection between traditional on-premise infrastructures and modern hybrid cloud solutions.


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// Hardware Services

Optimal composition and flexible support
for all your hardware

A lot of work is involved with the purchasing of hardware and keeping the infrastructure operational. Being a specialist in hardware, we are the perfect partner to advise and support your organization.

Why are you not structurally working on a solution? Is it a lack of time, focus or knowledge or do you simply not have appropriate insights into the health of your infrastructure? We know the challenges our clients are facing like no other and know how to expertly tackle them for your organization.

Hardware Services
Hardware Services
Let your IT environment shine and create the best possible support and drive to reach company goals.
Hardware Support
You want to have the flexibility and freedom of (re)prioritizing your business operation.

IT Products
We have extensive knowledge and stock of your storage, server and network hardware.

// Solutions for each problem

What are the different types of hardware services?

Pre installation

Checking a newly bought server, bringing it up to date and installing it with an operating system or hypervisor.

Rack 'em & stack' em

Rack drawings make it possible for the equipment to be installed and the power distribution to be realized. This can be done in both a new or an existing rack.

Server Health Check

This service takes a closer look at your IT infrastructure. We check the status of the systems and create a report after inventory.

Data Center Services

We help with the installation, relocation and organization of a data center. Whether it concerns an internal relocation or moving to another data center altogether.

// Hardware Services

The right hardware for every project

'One size fits all' doesn't apply to IT infrastructures nor its associated activities. We're your partner for digital transformation and will seamlessly connect traditional, local infrastructure with modern hybrid cloud solutions. Of course, future-proofness and cost efficiency are always part of the equation.
Even when you need a completely new configuration for your local infrastructure, we'll fully support you. We offer all our clients a custom-made service package.

We always make sure to exceed expectations. We adhere very strictly to the 'a deal is a deal' principle. We always do what we say we'll do, because we understand that each IT component is paramount for the success and profitablility of your organization. 

Close up XCES
XCES aan het werk
DataON integrated system
XCES systeem
// Hardware support

Continuity & flexibility

The standard support extensions that suppliers provide are not always flexible enough. It doesn't really take into account the possible combination of new and old, or even End-of-Life hardware configurations. This causes a necessary extension to become very expensive. This often results in a (partial) replacement of your environment.

We offer affordable support to extend your IT's life cycle for a certain period of time. This support consists of Silver Services and Gold Service that we use to handle minor, major and critical hardware incidents.

// IT Products

Quick delivery of
storage parts

We have extensive knowledge and stock of your storage, server and network hardware. We can easily deliver spare parts on the fly or rent them to you if your need for extra IT capacity is temporary. We also offer a wide range of refurbished and remarketed product lines.

// Trade In

Leftover hardware

Do you have obsolete server, network or storage systems? And your supplier doesn't want to take them back? We'll take your out-of-date materials , please contact us to find out more. 

Building Network
Hewlett Packard
// Our clients

What our clients are saying about us

Building Networks
Jan Kappen
"One of the reasons for partnering with XCES is the high level of expertise that I experience again and again in joint projects. Solutions are perfectly matched to my needs and those of my customers to achieve the best results. A very high level of technical expertise allows me to discuss and plan solutions at a very high technical level at any time, which is reflected in extremely reliable and stable HCI and backup systems."
Genius Technoconsult
Joerg K. Genius
"Genius TechnoConsult is an IT systems house and have been on the market for over 35 years. During this time, we have had experiences with a wide range of suppliers, but only extremely rarely as consistently potitive as with XCES. Already during the planning of the cluster XCES supported us with patience and a lot of know how. Pricing and delivery time were perfect. I would especially like to emphasize the outstanding telephone support during the on-site implementation of the delivered hardware. XCES responded to our questions at any time at extremely short notice and was not above finding a solution to our problems even after hours. I can highly recommend working with XCES - it's hard to find a better supplier!"
Eelco Verseveldt
"A trusted partner of many years in supplying us with refurbished components for our older equipment. They are always quick with their quotes and are very hands-on when downtime rears its ugly head. I wish that I could work like this with all my suppliers."
Kerridge Commercial Systems
Paul Weekers
"Working with XCES is smooth sailing all the way: they always answer swiftly and accurately, they're quick with their quotes and their service is top notch! If you're looking for a reliable supplier that knows their stuff, then XCES is the partner for you!"
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