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The licensing model of Microsoft

Microsoft New Commerce Experience

At the moment, Microsoft offers various programs for acquiring cloud licenses and has consolidated them under the New Commerce Experience, supported by the Microsoft Customer Agreement. 

The New Commerce Experience is available for all user subscriptions and has been in effect since March 1, 2022. Microsoft will migrate old licenses still under the CSP licensing model to the New Commerce platform at the end of their term, starting in early 2024. 

Wij zijn de partner die helpt om uw bedrijf te transformeren met Microsoft cloudservices. Of het nu gaat om Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI of een andere Microsoft-cloudoplossing. Ons team van gecertificeerde en ervaren licentie-experts  helpen graag!


Here is what the New Commerce Experience looks like:

  1. Microsoft uses a licensing model where the price is most favorable when the customer commits for a longer period of time..
  2. Here, the renewed yearly prices are equal to the current prices, and the new monthly license prices are 20% higher. compared to annual licenses.
  3. Per 1 oktober 2023 is Microsoft begonnen met het ontkoppelen van Teams uit Microsoft 365 abonnementen. DIt betekent dat nieuwe klanten de optie krijgen tussen abonnement met én zonder Teams als onderdeel van hun pakket.
  4. Downgrading licenses is only possible after the current monthly or yearly term has expired.. Pausing licenses mid-term is possible, but billing continues.
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Need a license check?

With a license check, we assess how to most cost-effectively purchase licenses. Of course, this applies not only to Microsoft CSP but also to other current contract forms.

Upon acquiring the licenses, you gain access to the ArrowSphere portal, where you have 24/7 access to manage the licenses yourself.

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What is a CSP exactly?

XCES is a Microsoft CSP partner through our distributor Arrow. We provide a customer portal, called ArrowSphere, where our clients can independently adjust their licenses, scaling up or down as needed.


The benefits of the ArrowSphere portal

In this ArrowSphere Portal, you can order, manage, and scale licenses according to your needs within the constraints of the current term. See not only at a glance which licenses have been purchased but also how many are in use. And what about Azure expenses? These costs are also visible in the ArrowSphere portal! Of course, we advise on how to manage your license costs as effectively as possible and can handle this completely for you.

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