With almost 20 years of experience, we know how to make the connection between traditional on-premise infrastructures and modern hybrid cloud solutions.


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The digital transformation to Azure Stack HCI

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to bridge the gap between traditional on-premises infrastructure and modern hybrid cloud solutions. It is our mission to assist customers who cannot or do not want to (fully) migrate to the public cloud but still want to leverage the benefits of the cloud for their organization. For them, we implement a hybrid cloud solution that bridges the gap between the current and new IT worlds.

Hyper-converged infrastructure
We believe in this hyper-converged infrastructure solution, with a single component that combines computing with local storage. This fully integrated solution makes it possible to link several similar components together to directly increase performance and storage capacity. This scale-as-you-grow approach makes it possible for the parent software to manage all components as a whole.
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What's your challenge?

In this digital era, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their IT infrastructure and promote operational efficiency. An approach that has gained significant popularity is a hybrid cloud solution. A hybrid cloud combines the best of both worlds and leverages the benefits of both public and private clouds to meet specific business needs. Some data must remain partially under your control, which is why you are exploring hybrid cloud solutions. You aim to transition to the cloud gradually, ensuring the most optimal distribution between local infrastructure and the cloud.

The data needs to remain partially under your control, which is why you are exploring hybrid cloud solutions.
You want to switch to the cloud, but only gradually and with the most optimal distribution between local infrastructure and cloud.  

Legacy IT Infrastructure

I want to modernize my IT Infrastructure, but I don't know what my roadmap should look like.

Available 24/7

My IT environment has to be available and operational 24/7, but with the benefits of the cloud.


We want a flexible, affordable and future-proof IT Infrastructure.

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We focus on three areas

Azure Stack HCI
Expand your business into the cloud and effortlessly manage your Azure Stack HCI hosts, virtual machines (VMs), and Azure resources at a glance through the Azure Portal. Azure Stack HCI is 'hybrid by design,' enabling you to leverage various Azure cloud services and tools within your local ecosystem.
Microsoft CSP partner

Als Microsoft CSP partner bieden wij toegevoegde waarde waardoor het managen van je resources, licenties en data eenvoudiger en dus goedkoper wordt. Wij helpen met de meest complexe licentievragen en bieden de beste oplossingen.Wij geven advies over de optimale licentieverdeling, helpen bij implementatie, bieden ondersteuning en nemen proactief contact op wanneer het goedkoper kan.
Managed Services
Whether you are at the beginning of your hybrid cloud migration or already on your way, XCES is here to support you in setting up, optimizing, and managing your IT infrastructure. This ensures not only smooth operation but also reduces complexity, enhances cost management, and fosters growth and innovation.
XCES kantoor

The XCES solution: Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is an on-premises, hyper-converged infrastructure solution based on Windows Server. It brings together software-defined compute, storage and networking on validated hardware in your own local IT environment.

Azure Stack HCI: the perfect hybrid solution for organizations that do not want to move to the public cloud, but still want to utilize the benefits of cloud.

// DataON

Our partnership with DataON

DataON is one of the first Microsoft partners to provide fully integrated solutions for Azure Stack HCI. Together, we ensure a comprehensive and ready-to-use experience for your organization. DataOn is a hybrid cloud computing company that focuses on delivering Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, local storage systems, intelligent peripherals and cloud-based Microsoft Azure Services. Through our partnership with DataON, we have a future-proof plan, based on the developments in the hardware industry. Together, we help organizations that have made the “Microsoft Choice” and modernized their IT using Microsoft applications, virtualizations and data protection through a complete plug-and-play experience.


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