With almost 20 years of experience, we know how to make the connection between traditional on-premise infrastructures and modern hybrid cloud solutions.


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The best of both worlds

Switching to the cloud offers you many options, but data can't always be transferred to the cloud that easily. You may have to adhere to laws and regulations that require data to be stored locally. Or maybe you work with outdated systems that can't be migrated to the cloud. In those cases, hybrid cloud solutions will prove effective. You will enjoy the advantages of both the cloud and the security of local storage.

Microsoft heeft met Azure Stack HCI de perfecte hybride cloudoplossing. Gebruik Azure Stack HCI met andere Azure-services om uitgebreide hybride HCI-oplossingen te bouwen. Hierbij werken wij samen met de beste leveranciers van integrated systems, zoals DataON, HPE en Lenovo.


Why choose a hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud solutions bring with them interesting advantages, namely the best of both worlds, for example, part of your data is on-premises and part is in the cloud, below are the main advantages.

Altijd en overal toegang
Anytime, anywhere access

Do you work at home, on the train or at a customer's office? Wherever there is an Internet connection, you can access all your data.

Flexibel en schaalbaar
Flexible and scalable

Is your business growing? Then the hybrid cloud easily grows with you by easily scaling up and down to meet your organization's needs.

Betere prestaties
Better performance

A powerful and fast IT environment through better deployment of workloads. Thus, everyone experiences a pleasant work experience.

Werk samen online
Work together online

Easily work together on the same projects and share documents.

Voordelige oplossing
Cost-efficient solution

With Azure Stack HCI, you only pay for what you use.

Simpeler beheer & Innovatiekracht
Simple management & Innovation

Through a lower management burden, more time to work on growing your organization.

// Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Simplified hybrid IT environments

Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) cluster solution that hosts virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and their storage in a hybrid on-premise environment.

Azure Hybrid Services enhances the capability cluster with options such as cloud monitoring, site recovery, virtual machine backups and a central view of all your Azure Stack HCI implementations in the Azure portal.

Storage, networking and compute are the three essential components needed for a hybrid cloud environment.


Refers to the infrastructure and technologies used to store data in a hybrid cloud.

// Onderdelen van een Hybride cloud

What is a hybrid cloud made up of?


Covers the network components and infrastructure needed to establish connections between the different parts of your network


Refers to the computing power and vm's available in a hybrid cloud environment. It includes the servers and processors needed to run applications and workloads.

// Integrated system

Why choose an integrated system?

DataON is one of the first-ever Microsoft partners to offer Integrated Systems for the new Azure Stack HCI. These solutions include a complete and turn-key experience. DataON and XCES customers already were accustomed to this way of working. The Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI are designed to help businesses embrace a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as the best way to reduce costs, improve data center performance and availability, and simplify management.

// Microsoft CSP Reseller

Hoe wij helpen met de licentiebehoeften

Het Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programma is een flexibele en kosteneffectieve manier om Microsoft cloud services aan te schaffen en te beheren. Als Microsoft CSP Reseller kunnen wij helpen met de meest complexe licentievragen en de beste oplossingen bieden.

We hebben een team van gecertificeerde en ervaren licentie-experts die helpen met de volgende diensten:

  • Het huidige en toekomstige Microsoft-cloudverbruik beoordelen en de licentiekosten optimaliseren
  • De organisatie voorzien van een aangepast en schaalbaar CSP-abonnement dat past bij de bedrijfsvereisten en budget
  • Het CSP-abonnement en de facturering beheren via onze online portal en voorzien van maandelijkse rapporten en inzichten
  • Technische ondersteuning en begeleiding bieden bij het effectief gebruiken en implementeren van Microsoft cloudservices
  • Helpen met compliance- en beveiligingskwesties en ervoor zorgen dat de gegevens worden beschermd en versleuteld
  • Toegang geven tot extra voordelen en kortingen van Microsoft en andere leveranciers via ons partnernetwerk

Wij zijn dus veel meer dan alleen een Microsoft CSP Reseller. Wij zijn een partner die helpt om uw bedrijf te transformeren met Microsoft cloudservices. Of het nu gaat om Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI of een andere Microsoft-cloudoplossing.

// we got your back

Taking service to the next level

Are you not sure if and how Azure Stack HCI will fit into your organization? Or what will happen to your existing Azure Stack HCI clusters, based on Windows Server 2019?

We feel it's important to take care of you all the way. Please contact us, we'd love to help you out.

Hewlett Packard | XCES Partner
NVIDIA afbeelding
// Our clients

Dit zeggen onze klanten

Building Networks
Jan Kappen
"One of the reasons for partnering with XCES is the high level of expertise that I experience again and again in joint projects. Solutions are perfectly matched to my needs and those of my customers to achieve the best results. A very high level of technical expertise allows me to discuss and plan solutions at a very high technical level at any time, which is reflected in extremely reliable and stable HCI and backup systems."
Genius Technoconsult
Joerg K. Genius
"Genius TechnoConsult is an IT systems house and has been on the market for over 35 years. During this time, we have had experiences with a wide range of suppliers, but only extremely rarely as consistently potitive as with XCES. Even as early as during the planning of our cluster, XCES supported us patiently and with a lot of know-how. Pricing and delivery times were perfect. I would especially like to highlight the outstanding phone support during the on-site implementation of the delivered hardware. XCES responded to our questions at any given moment and with extremely short notice, and would always come up with a solution, even after hours. I can warmly recommend working with XCES - it's hard to find a better supplier!"
Eelco Verseveldt
"A trusted partner of many years in supplying us with refurbished components for our older equipment. They are always quick with their quotes and are very hands-on when downtime rears its ugly head. I wish that I could work like this with all my suppliers."
Kerridge Commercial Systems
Paul Weekers
"Working with XCES is smooth sailing all the way: they always answer swiftly and accurately, they're quick with their quotes and their service is top notch! If you're looking for a reliable supplier that knows their stuff, then XCES is the partner for you!"
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