With almost 20 years of experience, we know how to make the connection between traditional on-premise infrastructures and modern hybrid cloud solutions.


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Outdated datacenter?

Because of a complex, outdated IT environment that needs a lot of attention, you are mostly concerned with keeping things running. Your infrastructure is no longer up-to-date and there is no time and space for innovation. Sounds familiar?

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On-prem with the power of cloud

It is time to modernize your datacenter. Update your infrastructure, easily deploy virtual workloads and leverage the benefits of cloud and Azure services on your local environment.

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The XCES solution: Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is an on-premises, hyper-converged infrastructure solution based on Windows Server. It brings together software-defined compute, storage and networking on validated hardware in your own local IT environment. 

Azure Stack HCI: the perfect hybrid solution for organizations that do not want to move to the public cloud, but still want to utilize the benefits of cloud.

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The benefits

Easy management

Easier management of your IT environment with the Azure portal

Better performance

A powerful, fast IT environment with better resource distribution


Finally time to innovate and work on your business growth

Scalable platform

Easy scalability tailored to your organization's needs

Cost-efficient solution

With Azure Stack HCI, you only pay for what you use

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See it before you believe it?

Experiment with Azure Stack HCI in the XCES test environment


You can run these Azure services on Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI is hybrid by design: this allows you to use different Azure cloud services on your local ecosystem. These are the main ones.

Azure Arc

Azure Arc is your organization's single central management platform for all resources, whether they are in Azure or not. That way, you make sure that your environment is always secure, and that your policy management is up-to-date.

Azure Kubernetes Service

If you want to develop and deploy cloud-native applications across your organization, Azure Kubernetes Service is the best way to start: integrated management and governance for local and multicloud Kubernetes clusters.

Azure Virtual Desktop

To provide your employees with the best virtual workplace, use Azure Virtual Desktop: the only VM solution fully optimized for Windows 11 and Microsoft 365. This allows you to access your workplace anytime, anywhere.

Azure Percept

Do you want to grow your organization through the use of AI and Machine Learning? Then Azure Percept is the answer: a user-friendly platform that lets you build a proof-of-concept within minutes based on convenient templates.

DataON integrated system
// DataON

Your hybrid cloud deserves the best ecosystem

Every successful Azure Stack HCI solution that XCES implements for our customers could not have come about without our hardware partner, DataON.

DataON has been fully committed to delivering Microsoft solutions for over 30 years and was one of the first Microsoft partners to offer fully ready-to-use Azure Stack HCI solutions.

Our Azure Stack HCI solution consists of four components:

  • Microsoft-certified hardware components from DataON
  • Azure Stack HCI OS
  • Windows Admin Center (management tool)
  • Additional Azure services like Azure Backup, Azure Monitor, etc.
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// Our Azure Stack HCI customers

We helped these organizations

Hans Cobben
Manager Infrastructure & Security
"Met Azure Stack HCI hebben we onze IT-infrastructuur een stuk betrouwbaarder en veerkrachtiger kunnen maken."
Emilia Clarke
Sander Roording
System Administrator bij Bouwcenter HCI
"We are completely up-to-date and even ahead in terms of technology and innovation. Less hardware is needed for the same performance, the performance tests we have done are very positive."
Emilia Clarke
Arne Groenenberg
IT System Manager at Applus+
"We now have far fewer components to manage, so that means a huge time savings for us. Management has become a lot simpler with Windows Admin Center."
Emilia Clarke
David van Wijnbergen
Sales & ICT Consultant at HSB Haaften
"The migration to Azure Stack HCI went flawlessly, none of the users noticed anything. In addition, everything was delivered on schedule. Exactly how we wanted it to happen, because a deal is a deal!"
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Are you ready to innovate?

Azure Stack HCI can make all the difference for your organization. We would be happy to tell you more about how to combine the benefits of cloud and datacenter in your IT environment.

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