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Validated systems for Azure Stack HCI

In addition to the choice of Integrated Systems, there are also Validated Systems. With an Integrated System, you are fully supported and provided with the highest level of support by both Microsoft and the hardware vendor. However, with a Validated System, this level of support is lower. Therefore, with a Validated System, your organization will have to bear more responsibilities, both before, during, and after the implementation. A Validated System can be an excellent choice for organizations with large IT departments that have expertise in both hardware and Azure. Of course, we can provide additional support at every step of your implementation process.

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We offer Validated Systems from

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A Validated system entails

Easy to purchase

Clearly orderable multi-node solutions

DIY implementation

Implementation by your own IT department with support from XCES


Secure core technology with 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and PCIe Gen 4, providing protection against firmware attacks


In case of escalations, you can rely on your internal organization. For support, you may have multiple points of contact, and the support level depends on the SLA agreed with the suppliers. 

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Saving costs with Validated systems

With a Validated system, you have more flexibility in choosing hardware components. Factors such as cost, performance, security, and compliance requirements can influence the choice. 

When certain hardware components are already present in the organization, a Validated system can be a logical choice as it allows for a better match with the existing infrastructure. Additionally, Validated systems are easier to scale because you are not tied to a specific hardware configuration. Infrastructure needs can indeed change over time. 

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Service & Support

Support for your organization

Well-trained Azure Stack HCI experts available 24/7 worldwide to meet your technical support needs, minimize disruptions, and maintain high productivity levels.

The implementation for your organization

Collaborate with certified engineers to plan and validate the implementation of your Azure Stack solutions.


From strategy to full implementation: leverage our consultancy services to accelerate your modernization and digital transformation projects.

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