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Business continuity with Microsoft Azure services

XCES offers multiple options to ensure business continuity with on-premises (local) backups and DR. Organisations can choose from scalable storage solutions for Azure Stack HCI, on-premises RAID hardware (managed by Veeam), and a solution in the cloud with Azure services from our Microsoft-certified Azure administrators. We will work with you to find the right solution for your organisation and provide the support you need to get up and running. Azure Stack HCI, on-premises RAID-hardware (beheerd door Veeam), en een oplossing in de cloud met Azure-services van onze Microsoft-gecertificeerde Azure-beheerders. Wij gaan samen met jou op zoek naar de juiste oplossing voor jouw organisatie en de ondersteuning te bieden die jij nodig hebt om op te starten en draaiende te blijven.


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XCES offers Veeam Ready and validated solutions

As a leader in availability in multi-cloud environments, Veeam software is uniquely positioned to help organisations on their journey to intelligent data management. Veeam protects workloads no matter where they reside - on-premises or in the public cloud - enabling companies of all sizes to unlock more value for their business.

XCES is part of the Veeam Ready programme and provides a solution qualification and testing process, to meet Veeam standards. In addition, DataON has achieved Veeam Ready status, indicating the highest level of qualification and testing for storage products.

DataON's Azure Stack HCI solutions have been validated by Microsoft to achieve their highest certification. Azure Stack HCI hybrid cloud solutions from DataON deliver the highest level of performance, manageability and security as a fully deployed experience.

// Why Backup & Disaster Recovery

The benefits of Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Replication
Backup & Replication

Verified data protection and data loss prevention.

Intelligent Recovery
Intelligent Recovery

Fast, granular, reliable recovery.

Cloud Mobility
Cloud Mobility

Maintain flexibility with data portability across multiple cloud environments.

Copy Data management
Copy Data management

Use your data for faster operations.

Monitoring & Analytics
Monitoring & Analytics

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with comprehensive visibility

Orchestration & Automation
Orchestration & Automation

Effective integration and automated compliance with SLAs.

// XCES Scale-out

Storage solutions for on-premises Backups with Azure Stack HCI and Veeam

For organisations storing bulk storage repositories and video surveillance or performing on-premises backups, XCES offers scale-out storage solutions for Azure Stack HCI. An ideal balance between lower latency and high-capacity infrastructure superior to a SAN or NAS. Configured with high-performance NVMe cache and SSDs and/or HDDs, the solution can scale up to 16 nodes with up to 4PBs per cluster. Organisations can set it up for on-site backup and Disaster Recovery or in a secondary offsite data centre or co-location (COLO) and deploy Azure cloud services.

On Azure Stack HCI scale-out storage solutions, the Veeam Availability Platform with Veeam Backup and Replication offers breakthrough ReFS integration for faster backups, improved reliability and performance for backup and recovery, and reduced storage requirements. With three-way mirror redundancy, hyper-converged infrastructure, Azure services and Veeam management, an XCES scale-out solution for Azure Stack HCI can provide a highly scalable infrastructure that organisations need for effective business continuity.

// On-premises Backups with Azure Stack HCI


// Azure cloudservices

Azure Backup & Azure Site Recovery

Increase your business continuity through a hybrid cloud with XCES and Azure Cloud services. XCES is a Microsoft (hybrid) cloud service provider (CSP) with Microsoft-certified Azure administrators. Microsoft Azure helps with:

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Azure Backup

XCES can help protect your data and applications, wherever they reside, to avoid costly business interruptions or meet compliance requirements. Our Microsoft-certified Azure administrators can securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud, reducing cost and complexity and achieving efficiency and scalability. Azure Backup is simple because it is built into Azure Stack HCI solutions. It provides one-click backup support for SQL database and virtual machines running in Azure. Azure Backup is cost-effective and less complex than other cloud backup solutions, while protecting your data from ransomware and human errors.

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Microsoft Azure Backup | XCES
Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Site Recovery | XCES
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Azure Site Recovery

XCES can help you achieve low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) targets for every key system in your organisation, easily and cost-effectively with Azure Site Recovery services. XCES can eliminate the hassle and cost of secondary data centres and leverage the almost infinite capacity of Azure Blob Storage with a cloud-based data recovery solution at any time. Azure Site Recovery is already included in an Azure Stack HCI solution.

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