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Recap NIC 2019

Post Show Recap NIC 2019

The first week of February, the XCES team took a flight to the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) at Oslo Spektrum.

NIC has been organized since 2012. It is a conference dedicated to driving technical IT best practice across IT Professionals and IT-Decision Makers who want to learn from the best speakers in the world.

The theme of the conference was ‘Artificial Intelligence’, a hot topic in the IT market. The main focus of the sessions where Cloud Technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Security, Client & server, Producitivty & analytics and Automation & management. And the goal was to have less slides and more Demos. 

Live Demo – DataON S2D-5212i and K2N-108

With the goal of NIC 2019 in mind, we showcased the DataON S2D-5212i at the booth, a hyper-converged cluster infrastructure built to optimize the full stack of Storage Spaces Direct.  The S2D-5212i has the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel C620 chipsets and all-flash Intel Optane or NVMe SSDs to achieve over 3.2M IOPS in a 4-node cluster.

We also showcased the DataON Kepler 2-Node (K2N-108) hyper-converged appliances designed to provide unrivaled performance with all-NVMe storage. Its entry-level price makes it ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses, and its density-optimized small form factor makes it a great fit for remote/branch offices and edge computing.

Attendees also got to see how to use Windows Admin Center and the DataON MUST visibility and management tool to manage a Windows Server(2019) environment.

Joost, Technical Engineer, his favorite sessions

This year, Joost attended different sessions to learn more about various subjects. Because he is always eager to learn more from different perspectives.

Storage Spaces Direct – Notes from the field | Speaker: Mikael Nyström

Mikael Nyström has worked with Storage Spaces Direct for years. He learned a lot from his past experiences and he shared his know how in the session. After the session, you learned what works and what doesn’t, how to performance measure the system, from where, on what, whit what, how much, how many and how to interpreter the results.

Windows Admin Center – Deep Dive | Speaker: Mikael Nyström

In this session Mikael Nyström provided all information about the possibilities of Windows Admin Center, the future of WAC, Cluster and Hyper-Converged management. Besides this information he explained how to use all Azure connections, like Backup, Storage migration, Azure Recovery Services as well as configuring Role based Access.

Cloudify your Windows Fileserver | Speaker: Jan Egil Ring

MVP Jan Egil Ring, Lead Architect at Crayon Norway, explained how to cloudify your file server by leveraging Azure File Sync – a new service making it possible to tier to Azure, totally transparent to end users and applications.

IT Heroes Deploy Windows Server

We’re thrilled that we got to meet so many IT Heroes at NIC 2019! Check out our highlight video.